Childbirth Classes

I'm proud to be certified with Lamaze as a childbirth educator. Lamaze is internationally recognized and has been supporting women and families for more than 40 years. The vision has expanded a lot since the early days of special breathing exercises. The Lamaze of today recognizes that breathing is just one useful way to cope with pain. In class, we discuss many different ways to find comfort during labor. 


As an instructor, I do not promote a single method or technique. I recognize that all women are different and I'm never going to tell you how you should give birth. I'm here to increase your confidence, to provide you with the most up-to-date information, and to help you understand your choices. I support all families and my goal is to help you have the birth YOU are hoping for. 


My classes are based on Lamaze International’s Six Healthy Birth Practices. These practices are supported by research which studies the effects of specific practices, drugs, and interventions to help participants make decisions that are best for them and their family.


Despite the medical outcomes, research shows you are more likely to have a positive experience if you get educated and take an active role in your care and the decisions regarding your birth. I can’t make any promises about the details of your birth, but I can ease your fears with information, help you define your care preferences and increase your awareness of the risks and benefits of common interventions.

Class Topics

Medical Interventions and their implications

Unexpected Outcomes

Developing a birth plan

Newborn care and breastfeeding

Events of late pregnancy

Physiology of labor

Coping strategies and labor support

Positions and movement for labor and birth


Private Classes


I'm currently offering private classes. These are a good option if your schedule doesn't allow for regular classes, you are on bedrest or any other reason which makes traditional classes difficult.


Taught in your own home, on your schedule. Each class is tailored to your unique needs and interests. With your input, I create a curriculum that covers the basics as well as additional topics which are of particular importance to you. 



four-hour minimum

*all materials provided

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