Katie Jackson LCCE, ICBD

I'm a California native currently living in the beautiful state of North Carolina. I have always been interested in the human body and I graduated with a degree in Public Health Education. My background is in chronic disease prevention and corporate wellness.


After my first child was born, I realized I had been very unprepared. I didn't have a great experience and I set out to learn more about pregnancy and birth. I entered my second birth feeling more informed and confident. It was transformative for me. I discovered a new respect and passion for women's health. I've felt inspired since then to have a career that supports women through the magnificent journey of pregnancy and birth. 

After my third child was born, I started my training. I believe the process of pregnancy and birth deserves thoughtful preparation and care. This means thinking beyond the idea of a healthy baby. That's important and something every family deserves. To me, there's also a bigger picture. This involves families feeling calm, confident and making informed decisions about their care. 

 As a professional doula and educator, I am dedicated to providing compassionate support, evidence- based information and to help laboring persons and partners have a positive experience giving birth. 

Giving birth is a significant life event and research shows you never forget the day you meet your child. 

Education and Certification

  • Childbirth Education Seminar

  • Birth Doula and Labor Support Workshop

  • Student Doula Program with Better Birth

  • Lamaze Certification

  • ICEA Birth Doula certification

  • Improving Birth Outcomes in NC Seminar

  • Spinning Babies Workshop

  • UNC Safe Zone training for Health Care Professionals


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