Katie Jackson LCCE, ICBD

I'm a California native currently living in the beautiful state of North Carolina. I have always been interested in the human body and I graduated with a degree in Public Health Education. My background is in chronic disease prevention and corporate wellness.


After my first child was born, I realized I had been very unprepared. I didn't have a great experience and I set out to learn more about pregnancy and birth. I entered my second birth feeling more informed and confident. It was transformative for me. I discovered a new respect and passion for women's health. I've felt inspired since then to have a career supporting others through this significant time. 

After my third child was born, I started my training. I believe the process of pregnancy and birth deserves thoughtful preparation and care. This means thinking beyond the idea of a healthy baby. That's something every family deserves. To me, there's also a bigger picture. 


I was drawn to this work because I believe your experience matters. I believe how you feel on the day that you meet your child is important. Giving birth is a significant life event and research shows you never forget the day your baby was born. My goal is to help parents feel calm and well informed as they navigate their pregnancy and birthing day. 



As a professional doula and educator, I am dedicated to providing compassionate support, evidence-based information and to help laboring persons and partners have a positive experience. 

Education and Certification

  • Childbirth Education Seminar

  • Birth Doula and Labor Support Workshop

  • Student Doula Program with Better Birth

  • Lamaze Certification

  • ICEA Birth Doula certification

  • Improving Birth Outcomes in NC Seminar

  • Spinning Babies Workshop

  • UNC Safe Zone training for Health Care Professionals


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